Rangers launch massive manhunt to rid country of terrorism

Salahuddin Haider

ery of Taliban’s new branch of terrorists, called Ansarul Sharia, army’s specialized branch called Rangers, has launched a massive manhunt I n Karachi and rest of the country to rid Pakistan of a menace that not only threatens their lives, but is out to destroy the coming generations.
Its Sindh branch chief, two-star Maj-General Mohammad Saeed, a dedicated but silent operator, dropped a hint about this in lectures aimed at creating awareness among parents, and teachers to play their due role in protecting academic institutions, for the new organisation seems to have taargetted universities, and perhaps colleges also, for its sinister aim.
The discovery of such an organisation, born barely two years ago in 2015, was made rather luckily during assassination attempt at the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, Khawaja Izharul Hasan of MQM Pakistan on the eidul azha morning of Sept 2. Two motorcycle outriders, donning police uniforms, and protective helmets, launched what looked like apparently a well thought out plan, but succeeded merely in killing a police guard on duty, and an innocent young boy still in his teens.
They cut down their lives rather prematurely, but MQM leader remained unhurt luckily. However one of the assailants identified later as Hassan, was identified as professional engineer, having qualified from Dawood Engineering University, basically a private sector institutions, but nationalized later in the 70s, and is now in official control. The matter was taken up seriously, following orders from PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto to his party’s government in Sindh to contact with MQM without further delay and restore security to its prominent members, parliamentarians particular, which has sadly been withdrawn by the Sindh government in a move that was really surprising.
Provincial chief minister Murad Ali Shah, returning from Hajj on the third day of eid, went to sympathise with the opposition and even DG Rangers by visiting the residence of Izharul Hasan erased impression that he was hostile to MQM, or the political aspirations of the Urdu speaking migrants from India who have made the southern province their permanent home, but somehow are still being discriminated against by the PPP government in their base province of Sindh.
Enquiries made after linkage between deceased assailant Hassan, led to raids on his house in Scheme 33 near Sohrab Goth on the super highway, linking Karachi with Hyderabad and rest of the country. His father, a retired university professor, and few of the family members were taken into custody. Interrogation from them, was shocking as more and more arrests were made of youngster, fresh from universities, or higher academic institutions. So far eight arrests have been made, all highly qualified professional men in their respective fields.
That meant, according to DG Rangers who provided some clue to the people during visits to principle alma maters that Ansarul Sharia is linked to Taliban, and comprises highly qualified and educated men, which again was a source of worry for authorities who had done marvelous job during the last nearly two years to flush out terrorism from Karachi, and restore peaceful conditions in the country’s economic hub to a very great extent.
The Rangers chief said that he could not reveal details of how sensitive and deeper the issue is, but would take the people into confidence, one investigations, currently on at various levels, were complete and some definite conclusions could be drawn. The fact that universities and institutes of higher learning in Karachi, and even in farther Peshawar in the north, is alarming because young ones in whose hands lies the future of the State, and the nation, seem to have fallen to trap that is disconcerting, and indeed worrisome.

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