Rangers chief seeks parents, teachers’ cooperation in combating terrorism

Salahuddin Haider

SAYING that 16 to 25 percent children from poor familites, and less educated were mostly involved in crime, the Director General of Sindh Rangers Maj-General Mohammad Saeed appealed for parents and teachers cooperation to help rid the society of menace of terrorism. His impassioned appeal, coming the in the wake of nerve-shattering five-hour gun battle in Karachi last with new-born Ansarul Sharia, was aimed at making the people realize their responsibilities for their own safety, and security, and ensuring a vibrant, health and lively society where people could breath freely, and attend to their normal routine like education, vocation, businesses etc.
An enlightened personality, with vision and far sight, and conscious of his obligations, the two-star officer of the Pakistan army, exchanged noted with a select group of media men, about half a dozen in number. It was a lively session, informative in character, during which Rangers chief wanted to benefit from journalists feedback and their own analysis about the way fight security has been and is being planned for the province, especially Karachi which was the worst victim of lawlessness, bomb blasts etc.
Relying on data compiled by his own force, engaged in fighting terrorism, and street crime, he said that Rangers had made 8,400 arrests between 2013 ad 2017, Prior to that a force, deployed in Karachi since long, merely acted as a helper to police, but now that it had been vested with powers to raid houses, and arrest people, results had been tremendously heartening. He revealed that mots of the youngsters, falling prey to temptation of money, and jannat for embracing martyrdom in suicide attempts, came from poor classes, their ages ranging between 15 and 18 years. Another group was classified as of 18 to 25 years age, forming 50 percent of those involved in crime or terror activities. Their education level confined to primary level schooling of 6th to 8th classes,about 13 percent were matriculates or studied upto tenth class, and graduates etc were 8 percent of those found indulging in such activities.
Talking about Ansarul Sharia, whose eight members, including the master mind and chief were done to death in grueling gun-battle in Karachi last week, General Saeed said they were trained in Afghanistan, and had come from there to create chaos and insecurity in Karachi. He said on intelligence, a military intelligence team was sent to home of one of their members known as Sarosh. His father came out and while he was engaged with security officials, Sarosh sensing danger, climbed to the top of the house, and fired at military intelligence, where his father could also have been a target. When fired back, he was hit in legs, but jumping rooftops of neighbouring houses, managed to escape in wounded condition. He was still missing but would soon be traced out.
Ansarul Sharif, the Rangers chief said linked itself to Taliban, and raids on their houses yeidled writtern material, techniques, and plan designs for causing terrorism in Karachi. The action came luckily soon after life attempt of Sindh assembly opposition leader Khawaja Izharul Hasan. It paid positive developments, General Saeed said and looked confident that the organisation was eliminitaed from Karachi much before it could pose bigger challenges.
He said that investigation done so far has been valuable. Students disappeared from their homes telling parens that they were going fo “Tableegh” (preachings In rural areas of Islamic teaching, and returned home after two to three months. They were actually on training in terror activities. Parents, therefore should be alert and ask their wards as to where they went and why return after such a long time. Likewise teachers in educational institutions, should impart correct training of mannerism, concentration on studies, and not be indifferent, because then society will have to pay a very heavy price.

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