Ramazan, moral values & TV shows

Mohsin Azeem

Moral values have stooped down to a very low level as the result of influence of electronic media.The overall impact of this media on the individuals of our society is bad. It has brought a vast change in our cultural pursuits as well as in thought and vision.
In recent days our electronic media is playing with the most blessed month of Islamic calendar. Almost all the TV channels have started Ramazan shows. These Ramazan transmissions are usually hosted by mainstream anchors or television celebrities, wherein they are hardly promoting Islam and Islamic culture for a moment or so. Instead of motivating Muslims more towards prayers, recitation of Holy Quran, and to help the poor, these transmissions and many of these programmes are engaging people towards winning prizes by answering a question or by performing a live act on their glittery sets.
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned two Ramadan shows due to the violation of the Authority’s prescribed code of conduct during Ramazan transmissions. The action by PEMRA is really commendable, but there is still a lot is needed to be done by the concerned authorities to protect the respect of this Holy month and the moral values of the society. It is necessary to enhance the graph of moral values in TV shows and it can be improved only by propagating the values of our own Muslim culture, which is a real code for true and sincere living.
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