Ramazan: Month of patience, sympathy

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Khalid Baig

HAZRAT Salman (RA) reports, “On the last day of Shaban the Holy Prophet (PBUH) addressed us and said, ‘O people there omes over you now a great month, a most blessed month in which lies a night more greater in virtue than a thousand months. It is a month in which Allah has made Fasting compulsory. Whosoever intends drawing near to Allah by performing any virtuous deed, for such person shall be the reward like the one who had performed a faraz in any other time. And whoever performs a faraz, shall be blessed with the reward of seventy faraiz any other time.
This is indeed the month of patience, and the reward for true patience is paradise. It is the month of sympathy with one’s fellowmen. It is the month wherein a true believer’s rizq is increased. Whosoever feeds another who fasted, in order to break the fast at sunset, for the feeder there shall be forgiveness of sins and emancipation from the fire of hell, and for such feeder shall be the same reward as the one who Fasted (who he fed) without that persons reward being decreased in the least.”
Thereupon we said, “O messenger of Allah, not all of us possess the means whereby we can give a fasting person to break his fast.” The Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied, “Allah grants the same reward to the one who gives a fasting person to break the fast a mere date, or a drink of water, or a sip of milk. This is a month, the first of which brings Allah’s mercy, the middle of which brings His forgiveness and the last of which brings emancipation from the fire of hell.”
“Whosoever lessens the burden of his servants (bonds-men) in this month, Allah will forgive him and free him from the fire of hell. And in this month four things you should continue to perform in great number, two of which shall be to please your Lord, while the other two shall be those without which you cannot do. Those which shall be to please your Lord, are that you should in great quantity bear witness that there is no deity to worship except Allah (i.e. recite the Kalimah Tayyibah) and make much Istighfaar beg Allah’s forgiveness).” And as for those without which you cannot do, you should beg of Allah, entrance into paradise and ask refuge in Him from Hell.”
“And whoever gave a person who fasted water to drink, Allah shall grant that giver to drink from My fountain, such a drink where after that person shall never again feel thirsty until he enters paradise.”
The most solemn and demanding act of worship for Ramazan is the Itikaaf, when a person secludes himself from the world around in a corner of the mosque to devote himself totally to remembering Allah and strengthening his personal relationship with Him. The act could provide spiritual rebirth and carries tremendous rewards. Yet today one can see laptops, cell phones, iPads, and other modern widgets routinely forming a part of the equipment of itikaf. It is an open question how can anyone realise the goals of itikaf with activities like watching videos, Internet surfing, texting, and chatting.
— Courtesy: Albalagh.org

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