Rajnath’s audacity

INDIAN Home Minister Rajnath is in the habit of poking his nose in sensitive foreign policy issues and his latest outburst about status of Kashmir is a classic example of his bullshit behaviour. He has churned out a statement claiming that Occupied Kashmir has never been an issue with Pakistan and the real issue is that of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
The Indian Minister has also made highly threatening remarks ahead of proposed visit of an Indian team to Pakistan in connection with Pathankot incident probe. Pakistan has offered every possible cooperation to India and a three member investigation team of Pakistan visited Pathankot but it was provided limited access to vital evidence and relevant officials and record. Forgetting that India did not provide fuller access to Pakistani team, he has stated that Islamabad would be deceiving New Delhi if its team was not allowed to probe some particular individuals. One can easily imagine the outcome of such a visit when Indian themselves are polluting the atmosphere for questionable motives. Before raising accusing fingers towards Pakistan, Rajnath must answer questions about Indian interference in Karachi, FATA and Balochistan which has been confirmed by its own agent Kulbhushan Yadev. As about Kashmir, some other Indian leaders too have been making similar comments and this mentality is the biggest hurdle in the way of peaceful and just resolution of the decades old issue. This shows that India is not sincere in discussing the Kashmir issue meaningfully and this is also evident from a series of measures that Modi government has undertaken after coming into power including plans to change demography of Occupied Kashmir on Israeli pattern, making it a legal crime to portray Kashmir as disputed territory and brutal use of force against Kashmiris. It is because of all this that Kashmiris have once again realized that India has no intention to accede to their birth right of self-determination and that they will have to make more sacrifices to realize their right.

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