Rajan-RAW-Doval: Lethal nexus

Sultan M Hali
CHOTTA Rajan (Junior Rajan) is the boss of a major crime syndicate based in India. He was an alleged former key aide and lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. He began his crime career as a petty thief and bootlegger working for Rajan Nair, also known as Bada Rajan (Big Rajan). Chotta Rajan took over the reins of Bada Rajan’s gang after Bada Rajan’s murder. Later, he was reportedly affiliated with and operated at the behest of Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai and eventually fled India to Dubai in 1988. He is wanted for many criminal cases that include extortion, murder, smuggling, drug trafficking and film finance. His brother is said to produce films financed by Rajan. He is also wanted in 17 murder cases and several more attempted murders. Chotta Rajan was arrested in Bali by Indonesian police on 25 October 2015. He was extradited to India on 6 November after 27 years on the run and is currently under trial for his long list of crimes.
A new twist to the gory tale of Chotta Rajan appeared, when he told a Delhi court that he was given a fake passport by Indian intelligence agencies who he was helping “fight against terrorists.” Rajan states that after he fell out with Dawood Ibrahim, he was given a passport in the name of Mohan Kumar, as Dawood Ibrahim’s men were trying to murder him in Bangkok 16 years ago, Rajan told the court via video conference from Delhi’s Tihar Jail, where he is lodged. Chotta Rajan claimed that he decided to help Indian intelligence agencies after the Mumbai blasts. He detailed a cross country-chase by “the henchmen of Dawood Ibrahim after they came to know that I was supplying information to Indian agencies about the perpetrators of the 1993 Mumbai blasts.” They had snatched his original passport in Dubai, alleged Rajan, whose real name is Rajendra Sadashiv.
The twist is that the classified US diplomatic cables, leaked by Wikileaks have already exposed Chotta Rajan to be reporting to the head of RAW’s Special Operations Cell. Rajan has spilled the beans on his nexus with India’s infamous intelligence agency Research and Intelligence Wing (RAW), Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the country’s National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval. Wikileaks revealed that Doval had tasked Sanjeev Kumar Agarwal who was the Consular at Indian Embassy in Jakarta for safe and secure handling of Rajan and to provide him a new passport with a different name.
Indian media has been reporting that the IB and particularly RAW, had in the past used Rajan against Pakistan. A news item appearing in “Times of India” asserts that a senior official of IB, who currently holds a senior post in the government, was also aware of RAW-Rajan nexus against Pakistan. According to intelligence sources, the arrested Indian spy Kulbhoshan Yadav has also made startling revelations about the activities of Rajan Gang in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistani authorities have also collected supplementary evidences from the leads provided by Yadav. These sources have further disclosed that the government of Pakistan is pondering to share information about Rajan Gang’s links with the terrorist elements through RAW and NDS of Afghanistan. This gang has not only been operating in Balochistan but a strong presence of the gang members has also been discovered in Afghanistan and other SAARC countries.
Indian NSA, with highly objectionable background and even more alarming current profile, is a constant and clear threat to the regional peace and security, particularly Pakistan. It has come to light that Ajit Kumar Doval was supporting Chotta Rajan gang’s operations for RAW as well as IB since Doval was the mentor and creator of Chotta Rajan and his gang. In the clandestine community of India, it is said that Chotta Rajan and his gang was perhaps Ajit Doval’s best gift to RAW and IB and the nexus delivered a lot through mutual cooperation at their respective organizational ends to the cause of Hindutva Brotherhood through Chotta Rajan Gang’s operations.
Despite the fact that successive Indian governments continued to deny presence of any links of its law enforcers or other top officials with terrorists and criminal mafias with current Modi government being no exception, yet these deep-rooted links are open secrets in Indian media and society. In a highly classified diplomatic cable (later leaked by Wikileaks) sent by US Consulate in Mumbai on 8th August 2005, the US Mission in Mumbai confirmed this link to Washington with Ajit Doval being fully exposed in this direction. The cable asserted that, “In early July a group of Mumbai policemen traveled to Delhi to stake out Vicky Malhotra, an underworld figure who had been charged with numerous acts of terror and crimes, including murder, extortion, explosions and arms smuggling. On July 11 the Mumbai police arrested Malhotra while he was driving through central Delhi. Accompanying Malhotra was Ajit Kumar Doval, former head of the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB). Doval himself as well as Government of India (GOI) officials from the Home Ministry later declined to comment about the incident. Thereafter the Indian media was rife with speculation about why the former head of India’s premier intelligence service was caught with a known underworld figure. Malhotra is right hand man of gangster Chotta Rajan, an otherwise Most Wanted criminal by Law in India. The arrests and presence of former IB chief Doval are established facts.
The nexus between Chotta Rajan and Ajit Doval and its triad with RAW and IB spell trouble not only for Pakistan but the entire region as it is aiming to spread Hindutva, destabilize opponents of India and create mayhem and chaos. There has been information from reliable sources that the triad has been responsible for instigating trouble mongers in China’s Xinjiang Province. In the past too there has been some trouble in the Muslim majority province. Reliable sources also point towards Ajit Doval’s overture towards the Daesh and support them in their outreach towards Pakistan. The nefarious machinations of the triad must be exposed.
—The writer is retired PAF Group Captain and a TV talk show host.

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