Raisani’s massive corruption

PLUNDERED cash recovered from the residence of Balochistan’s Finance Secretary Mushtaq Ahmad Raisani is being described by the National Accountability Bureau as the largest in the country’s history. Being accused of embezzling billions of rupees from government development funds, Raisani has now been sent by a court in Quetta on a 14-day remand and more startling revelations are expected after investigation is over.
The eye of camera which showed all the money filled bags with machines put in place to count the mammoth cash amount shocked the nation that how this extreme pillage of national exchequer could go unnoticed for a long time. In another corruption case, an accountability court in Karachi indicted former Advisor on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain for a massive embezzlement and corruption of Rs 462 billion. All these instances speak volume as to how much corruption has seeped into every institution of the State and society. Due to shortcomings in our judicial system, these corrupt elements are off the hook even if caught red handed. National Accountability Bureau deserves appreciation for unearthing the looted money in Balochistan but at the same time we expect that it would continue this campaign in the whole country more relentlessly and without any discrimination to get rid of this cancer which is plundering national resources meant for public welfare, development. The high profile cases should be taken to logical conclusion and culprits given exemplary punishments to serve as a deterrent. As corruption damages the very social and institutional fabric of the country, it needs to be tackled with sincerity and as a genuine cause. To check corruption, it is essential to improve governance structures and procedures so that temptation for corruption is greatly minimised.

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