Rain turns weather pleasant in twin cities


Staff Reporter

Pre-monsoon rain hit twin cities on Monday morning turned weather pleasant, dropping mercury 10 to 12 degree down giving a sigh of relief to the residents of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rainfall received was recorded as Islamabad ZP 20mm, Saidpur 70mm, Pindi Shamsabad 14mm, Chaklala 10mm, Bokra 7mm, Murree 35mm, Jehlum 13mm, Kakole 2mm, Sailkot 19mm, Mangla 23mm, Mundi Bahaudin 2mm Kotli 2mm.
Yesterday temperature of federal capital at after noon was 35 degrees but today it declined to 22 degree, an official of Met office told media. People on roads took shelter under bridges or nearby buildings to keep them safe from the thundering shower. However, falling trees blocked a number of roads in twin cities which choked traffic creating problems for commuters besides that vehicles parked outside homes and offices were also damaged with the heavy rainfall.
After rain water inundated a number low lying areas in twin cities while depression at roads was also giving look of small streams as the car crossing those points splashed water.
Residents have requested the concerned authorities to take appropriate measures of water drainage during the monsoon season to avoid any inconvenience for the residents.

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