Rain takes its toll as K-Electric fails while roads are under water


Staff Reporter

Karachi—Just a mil rains, just an inch, or perhaps a little more took its toll in Karachi, the city which had remained neglected and unprepared for emergencies since long, a city where bureaucracy was in slumber, and political leadership was found enormously wanting.
Roads were inundated, causing traffic jams. The formula invented by former Mayor Mustafa Kamal to clean the drainage system, chocked since long, and had even demolished bungalows built over them by highly influential persons.
The result for next five years was that the city was rid of its old ailment of road inundation, traffic problems, etc, but once he left in 2010, the Peoples Party government, paid little or no attention to a grim problem like that.
It kept sleeping over a sensitive subject ad now when the rainy season was predicted, the former chief minister woke up from slumber, directing officers to prepare for emergencies, but to his utter horror, the commissioner, Karachi, bluntly said that years of backlog can not be cleared within three days, and retired in his cosy home without even taking necessary action.
Worst was the performance of K-Electric, whose present management, claims to have invested over a billion US dollars, but nothing seems on the ground. Towers mounted on poles, remained unchanged, lines remained rotten, and nothing new was provided for which the KESC was privatized. Often voices were raised by political powers in Karachi to take back the K- Electric from tis owners and start it afresh under State control
Even today, K-Electric, the solitary utility service of its kind in Karachi, confessed that 250 of its transmitters has failed in the wake of showers. Of this the company claimed to have re-energised 140, and another 110 were under repairs. But half the city was under darkness for more than two hours, and most portions of the mega city with 20 million souls, continued to be without electricity.

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