Rain in Karachi

Namrah Khan

Rain is always considered as a blessing and gift from God for entire mankind but not for the people of Karachi. As soon there are talks of rain in Karachi, the K-electric takes us back to the Stone Age. 622 feeders tripped pushing over half of the city into dark as Karachi experienced the first rain of Monsoon seasons. Rescue resources stated that one young girl in Karachi’s Orangi Town died after a wall collapsed and fell on her, while two kids electrocuted amid heavy rainfall.
Millions of gallon water could not be supplied to city after power supply was cut to pumping stations. City of lights Karachi has become city off lights. The streets got drenched. Due to worst drainage system the rainwater is still standing on the roads. The markets are flooded with water, so the people are facing difficulties for shopping of Eid. The sewerage system is a complete failure. Traffic gridlocks were also witnessed on roads. What does KMC do all year round when its only job is to ensure efficient administration in city of lights? Yes, it is quite effective when it comes to cleaning up city, but only when some ‘great personality’ is visiting. So many years have passed and still we don’t have basic utilities. Is this not a sign that democracy has failed?
— Karachi

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