Raheel’s message to enemy

ADDRESSING army personnel in Kharian, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif once again emphatically stated that the country’s armed forces despite their engagement at the western border to fight the menace of terror are fully prepared to respond to any misadventure or strategic miscalculation of the adversary — a clear reference to India which in recent months and especially since the installation of Narendra Modi as the PM has whipped the war hysteria and belligerence to an unprecedented level. In these circumstances, the repeated categorical statements from the top military brass indeed serve as morale booster not only for the personnel of armed forces but also the entire nation. This also conveys a straight message to the enemy that the country is not oblivion but fully alert to its evil designs.
It is however, unfortunate that international community has acted as a silent spectator on the recent Pakistan-India tension and the ongoing gross human rights violations being committed by India in occupied Kashmir. It was with complete sense of sincerity that Pakistan deployed a significant number of troops on western border to tackle the menace of terrorism and also recorded such matchless successes in the war, which the US and its NATO allies, despite all the financial and military resources, could not achieve in neighbouring Afghanistan. Seeing the engagement of our troops on western border, India, which never misses any opportunity to harm Pakistan’s interests, flared up matters on the LoC and working boundary by resorting to unprovoked firing, which has claimed lives of many innocent civilians and done damage to their properties. Whilst we have no doubt in the capability and professional preparedness of our armed forces to thwart any aggression, we believe any increase in tension on the eastern border will not serve any purpose but plunge this volatile region further deep into chaos and instability. Therefore, heavy responsibility lies with the world community to come forward and play a significant role for bringing both India and Pakistan to negotiations in order to reduce the existing tension, which is also vital to keep focus on the war on terror.

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