Raheel’s appointment

Shaiza Javaid Rana

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has proposed a coalition of thirtynine countries to fight the menace of terrorism and has asked former Chief of Pak Army General Raheel Sharif to lead this coalition. Raheel Sharif has put forward three demands before the Saudi Government to join the coalition. He has asked to add Iran to this Military Alliance in order to stave off the chances of jeopardy of Iran-Pakistan’s relation that might occur after the formation of this coalition and the second reason is that with the addition of Iran there will be one Shia country in this coalition which will otherwise be perceived as anti-Shia Military Alliance.
His second demand is that he won’t work under anyone’s command and hence will be independent to make decisions without any pressure. Third demand put forward by him before the Saudi Defence Minister is that he will be the mediator of conflicts and disagreements that might occur between the member countries. If these demands get accepted by the Saudi Government, Raheel Sharif will be the first chief of this Islamic Military Alliance.

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