Syed Najaf Raza

Usually ragging has been associated with bullying a new student as soon as they start on their college/university period. There are mainly two types of ragging, verbal and physical. Verbal ragging is less damaging than physical ragging and the effect it have also varies from person-to-person and gender-to-gender.
Sometimes, verbal ragging involves good sense of humour and fun. In severe cases many innocent boys face serious mental torture and physical damage. Someone who resists ragging by their seniors, are put on trials for more harassment on grounds of enmity and revenge. With respect to their height and size, on the basis of physical form ragging is more and more performed on students who are too tall or short, too thin or too fat or might have huge glasses.
Ragging in Pakistan is no hidden or silent issue especially in Punjab region. Medical and engineering universities are most affected institutions. Students are not able to adjust the entire first year. Situation in commerce schools are still partly under control.
But sometimes the conditions in other medical and engineering higher education schools gets so worse pranks, such as sexual abuse, that, students try to commit suicide and even discontinue. This especially happens in hostels. In private sector this does not happen to such extremes, however, in public sector universities it is no big deal.
The management is aware of it but does not do anything to prevent it, because the students mainly involved are either from wealthy or political families and the management prefers not to challenge them.

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