Radical politics and democracy

Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor

American Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant speeches has put Muslims across the world on back foot. It has also made millions of Muslims in US and Europe vulnerable to hate crimes who have been subjected to discrimination and scrutiny in every aspect of immigrant life. Trump has vowed during election campaign to deport eleven million Muslim immigrants whom he considers to be illegal in his country.
Though, he also threatens to build a great wall around US but his rhetoric against a particular religion has raised eyebrows in his friendly Muslim Nations where his business assets are worth billions. His far right political thinking has reached to haunt European Muslims as well where growing radical political parties have deportation of “Muslim immigrants” their sole agenda.
For the last two decades, the immigrant issue has become the focal point of political manifestos from US to Europe. The reason being the growing number of Muslims across the Continent, partly from immigration and partly from conversion, thus raising an alarm in the political arena for getting outnumbered by Muslims if the influx of refugees continues with the same pace.
Until recently, the European countries were grappling subtly with the idea of “Muslim issue” by making guarded polices but situation got totally out of control when the influx of refugees from war torn states of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations kept pouring in. These countries have been made unstable and uncertain due to external invasions, incursions and internal unrest. European countries, even the liberal democracies openly rejected sheltering more refugees and went so far to adopt “no work” policy for immigrants who have been living in the Continent for the last two or three decades.
Many political parties in the United Kingdom, France and Germany have now become used to playing the immigrant card to lure voters and it has worked to further the agenda of anti-Muslim policy even with the tacit support of liberal governments.
The Recent Paris attacks have strengthened their resolve to act on this policy [email protected]—Email.

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