Rabbani calls for collective efforts to counter terrorism

Staff Reporter

Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Thursday said that we need to make conscious collective efforts to counter terrorism and extremism from our society and should engage the young generation of educational institutions as these are our hope for future. He said, “The Parliament of Pakistan is looking towards the positive and optimistic approach of youth of Pakistan to put an end to this culture of intolerance in the creeping into the society. He also said that it is the collective responsibility of educational institutions and the nation as a whole to achieve this task.”
Addressing participants of a seminar titled, “Contemporary Pakistan” at Iqra University Islamabad, the Chairman Senate observed that, “Unfortunately application of law is different for people belonging to different stratums of society.”
“The powerful can buy justice for them and poor people keep wandering in search of just treatment,” he said.
He said, “If law was respected in the country and Constitutional supremacy was accepted then there was no reason that institutions couldn’t be strengthened, a stable system couldn’t come into place and law of land was not supreme.” Mian Raza Rabbani stated that, “The concept of warlords, previously prevalent in African nations is now surfacing in Pakistan and we are surrounded by such warlords under the names of religion, sectarianism and a new tendency of lynching people by the mobs.”
“If it was happening just on streets of cities of Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, it wouldn’t have surprised me, but this trend is now creeping into educational institutions”, he expressed.

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