Rabbani asserts again

IF there is only one personality in the country devoted whole hearted to the concept of supremacy of Parliament, he is Mian Raza Rabbani, Chairman Senate, who has been taking pains to enhance stature of the institution of parliament and sensitizing legislators to do their job honestly. During a debate in the upper house on Friday, he again talked about the subject and said it the prerogative of Parliament to define and determine role and responsibilities of State institutions.
No one would differ from him on this issue as in democratic dispensations, Parliament is always supreme and other institutions work within the framework defined in the Constitution and determined by Parliament. This is because Parliament is symbol of will of the people. But we are sorry to point out that, in Pakistan, Parliament does not enjoy the same level of respect and prestige as it enjoys in true parliamentary democracies. The reason is quite obvious – political parties that form parliament have remained perennially engaged in infighting and that too on petty issues and vested interests. No doubt, there have been occasions in the past when parliamentarians demonstrated maturity and worked collectively as per demands of the time but on most of other occasions they miserably failed to deliver or even defend themselves in the face of serious challenges. Every party has the right to pursue its own policies and programmes but there should be national consensus on some fundamental issues concerning respect, role and strength of parliament, continuity and stability of the system and economic direction of the country. There should be no personal attacks and leg pulling of the elected government just for the sake of lust for power as this attitude and trend would not bring stability to any government and Parliament would remain vulnerable to shocks.

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