Qureshi advises India to avoid adventurism, stresses resumption of dialogue


The newly appointed Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has outlined that there was no space of adventurism for India, emphasizing that a dialogue should be started between the two countries for resolution of disputed issues.
In his first media interaction after taking the oath of the office, Qureshi expressed that the Indian premier Narendra Modi had written a letter to his Pakistani counterpart, in which he has hinted at the resumption of talks.
We want peace and stability in the region, said Qureshi and added that the direction of foreign policy will be reviewed afresh.
The lawmaker asserted that Pakistan and India were not only neighbours, they were atomic powers and had a lot of common resources.Qureshi highlighted that talking peace was our only option, admitting that the issues were tough and will not be solved overnight, but the engagement was necessary.
He also mentioned the Kashmir issue in his presser and said it was a reality, citing the Islamabad declaration as well.
Shah Mehmood also expressed his wishes to cement the ties with Afghanistan, saying he had cordial relations with a few people in Kabul.
‘I will call the Afghan foreign minister and convey plan to visit them at a mutually convenient time. I want to take an important message for the people of Pakistan. Our future and geography are joined together,’ said the foreign minister. Addressing Kabul, Qureshi said that we need to become each other’s support base. ‘We have a bilateral agreement in place which has 5 tracks and we want to move forward with those,’ vowed the legislator. Further, the foreign minister said his party “supports the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)”.
“CPEC is a long-term project, a game changer and our party supports it,” he maintained. Qureshi also expressed his views on the deteriorating ties between Islamabad and Washington, saying Pakistan will also convey its reservations to the Trump administration and there will be no compromise on the national security.
‘We have to bridge the trust deficit and put forward Pakistan’s trust deficit. We will do all of this with full consultation with Prime Minister Imran Khan,’ said the minister.
Foreign Office has clarified news reports that the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had not stated that “the Indian Prime Minister had made an offer of a dialogue.”
In a clarification, the Foreign Office spokesman in response to a query regarding the controversy being unnecessarily created by sections of the In-dian media, the Spokes-person stressed that the Foreign Minister had not stated that “the Indian Prime Minister had made an offer of a dialogue”, but had said that the Indian Prime Minister in his letter to Prime Minister, Imran Ahmed Khan Ni-azi, had also mentioned something similar to what the Foreign Minister elucidated earlier i.e. that the way forward was only through constructive engagement.

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