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Quick dispensation of Justice

CHIEF Justice Asif Saeed Khosa on Saturday regretted that Parliament seems to be dragging its feet in acting swiftly to
address imbalances and deficiencies in the judiciary, explaining that provision of justice is a shared responsibility. Addressing a gathering in Islamabad, he said provision of justice is not just judiciary’s job, as legislature and executive have to share their part.
Chief Justice is not alone in lamenting lack of required interest on the part of the legislature in formulating laws on different issues as this is its fundamental responsibility and job. The CJP has pointed out that they sent over seventy reports to Parliament but no action was taken on them. It is also worthwhile to mention that the Council of Islamic Ideology also submitted similar reports but there was no worthwhile progress on Islamisation of laws. And all this is quite understandable when MPs including Ministers seldom attend sessions, do not contribute meaningfully to the proceedings of the house and give scant respect to parliamentary committees. Not to speak of the ordinary members, even some leaders have been conspicuous by their absence. Justice Khosa has forcefully been advocating for fixing weaknesses in Pakistan’s judiciary.
In March, he remarked that if judges are appointed to 25 per cent of vacant positions in the system, the backlog of pending cases in court could be wrapped up within a year or two. Now the initiative of model courts has been taken in order to ensure delivery of expeditious justice to the people. According to him, model trial courts will not grant adjournments in order to ensure timely conclusion of cases. However, we would propose that procedure adopted for model courts may be replicated in all courts, otherwise things would not change substantially in the judicial system. And courts alone would not be able to deliver justice if there was no timely and quality investigation by police and lawyers continue to obstruct the process for expeditious disposal of cases for vested interests.