Questions raised over Warner couple bringing two kids in press conference

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Though David Warner has ac-cepted Cricket Australia (CA) sanction (one year ban and no life-time captaincy), the 31-year-old opening batsman is yet to gain the sympathy.
“I have today let Cricket Australia know that I fully accept the sanctions imposed on me. I am truly sorry for my actions and will now do everything I can to be a better person, teammate and role model”, he has said in his statement.
“Not impressed at all”, Cally Barlow, the wife of former South African cricketer late Eddie Barlow, speaking exclusively from England said.
Cally Barlow has been following cricket all around the world. “I saw no tears on Warner’s face”, she had initially said before we sent her Warner’s weeping photo-graph. “Warner had crocodile tears then! What was he thinking by bringing his children into that bear pit? To gain sympathy I suspect”, she said.
“He or his wife must have had somebody to leave the children with. It was a very bad misjudgment on his part (to bring the children at his press confer-ence) and I am not the only one who thinks so.. .”, she added.
Warner is likely to have consulted his lawyer (Mat-thew Connock) before arriving at this decision to follow Steven Smith and Cameron Bancroft to not challenge the ban.
The trio will now get psychologists’ assistance to come out from the trauma.
The trio will have now ample time to spend with their family for 12 / 9 months.

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