Qatar keen to widen trade, investment with Pakistan

Qatari Minister calls on Prime Minister

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Sheikh Ahmed Bin Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, Minister of Economy and Commerce of the State of Qatarcalled on the Prime Minister of Pakistan Justice (Retd) Nasir-ul-Mulk on Thursday.
He indicated interest in promoting trade, investment and economic partnership with Pakistan, the minister was on a short visit to Pakistan with senior officials and business delegation comprising CEOs of various companies’ representing food, agriculture, livestock, aviation, maritime and shipping sector
Prime Minister highlighted the importance of increasing trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. Rice export to Qatar, work visas for skilled, and semi-skilled labour force and investment in petrochemical and food processing came under discussion as priority areas.
Qatar has positive trade balance with Pakistan,its total exports to Pakistan in the last financial year have shown 44 % increase, while Pakistan’s exports to Qatar have indicated 75% increase from last year.
The delegation indicated keen interest in enhancing cooperation, it was agreed that business-to-business contact will be increased amongst private companies of the two countries.
Qatar will explore opportunities for increasing trade, investment and economic cooperation on the basis of specific projects. Qatari minister invited a delegation of Pakistani businessmen to take this high level of cooperation at the second stage, this positive momentum was appreciated by the Prime Minister. FIFA2022 was indicated as a big opportunity for increasing economic cooperation with Pakistan.
Other areas for trade, investment and economic cooperation included food processing, petro chemical and investment in special economic zones of Qwadar Port.

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