Qandeel started fasting, came towards religion: Mufti Qawi


Brother drugged model before killing her

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Multan—Mufti Abdul Qawi, who was recently embroiled in a controversy with the late Qandeel Baloch and has been nominated in an FIR for her murder, has said the social media sensation, had come close to religion.
“I have sympathy for Qandeel because she had started fasting and had come towards religious teachings,” Mufti Qawi said, while speaking to media.
“She was learning Islamic teachings from me and I had shared Quranic verses with her as she had complained of bad omens and evil eyes of jealous people.”
“Those who want to humiliate clerics, must learn from Qandeel Baloch’s fate. Those who have done so must repent and should ask forgiveness from clerics as well as Almighty Allah.”
“I have forgiven Qandeel and have never had any hatred for her,” he added.
Fauzia Azeem alias Qandeel Baloch had recently taken the internet by storm as she shared a couple of selfies and a video of herself with Mufti Qawi.
The self-proclaimed model had also ridiculed the cleric on various TV channels after the release of controversial content.
Following the ‘scandal’, the internet sensation had claimed she was receiving death threats and had officially sought security.
Giving his version of their meeting, he said, “She had first wanted to meet PTI chief Imran Khan and I said that I will arrange a meeting between her and Imran Khan.” Mufti Qawi had been serving as PTI Punjab ulema wing before his scandal surfaced across social media.
He was removed from his designation by PTI leadership, as well as suspended from the Ruet-e-Hilal committee.
“People should realise religious clerics are the pious face of Islam and they should not dare to play with their reputaion or try to malign the religion by trying to malign the religious scholars and clerics, otherwise they will face the curse of Allah Almighty,” said Mufti Qawi.
Praising Qandeel, he said she was the true face of the women of Pakistan despite her mistakes and that she was a brave lady.
“I convinced her to repent on her sins and asked her to come towards the right path. I had even offered her a marriage proposal in her new life.”
He also urged the civil society activists to organise absentee funeral prayers in Multan for Qandeel.
Qawi had earlier offered to lead Qandeel’s funeral prayers and had arrived in Multan from Lahore especially for the purpose.
Meanwhile, internet sensation Qandeel Baloch’s brother, who was arrested late Saturday, has confessed to drugging and then strangling her “for honour”.
Muhammad Waseem said he is “not embarrassed” to have killed her.
“Yes of course, I strangled her,” Wasim told reporters at a press conference, organised by police, early Sunday.
“She was on the ground floor while our parents were asleep on the roof top,” he continued. “It was around 10.45 pm when I gave her a tablet… and then killed her.”

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