Qadri wants blood for blood

IT is most unfortunate that despite passage of over two years, no progress has been made on Model Town tragedy, which claimed lives of over a dozen workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek in a police action. The party Chief Tahirul Qadri on Saturday once again delivered a hard-hitting speech saying they would not compromise on anything less than retribution.
Indeed it is a legitimate right of Tahirul Qadri to seek justice for victims of Model town tragedy and those responsible for this heinous crime should have been brought to book by now. But having said so, we would also ask the PAT chief not to do politics on the dead bodies of his workers. At this point in time when Imran Khan has taken to the streets and the PPP is also weighing the option of street agitation, the stand and resolve of Qadri indicates that a coalition is in the offing to dislodge the government. In our understanding, such a move would be contrary to aspirations of people of the country, as majority of them want continuation of present democratic set-up without any hiccup. While we fully endorse the demand of Qadri on Model town case yet going beyond that would not be acceptable as the country is already faced with multiple challenges and taking to streets at this point in time would further invite chaos and anarchy. Instead of making attempts to remove government, we would urge all political parties to wait for next elections in the larger interest of country and democracy.

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