Qadri controversy

Dr Ikram Azam

Credit goes to the Government of Pakistan for resolving the issue peacefully. Good sense also prevailed on the protesters to respond reasonably. This case proves that controversial issues can be resolved positively, if Pakistan’s Islamic Ideology and National Interest are top-prioritized over petty personal, partisan and parochial vested interests.
Maryam Nawaz is the nation’s ‘dhee-behan’: daughter-sister — like all other women of Pakistan. All merit equal human rights and respect, inherently – Islamically. It was wise of the PM’s family not to have personalized the insults to her. Otherwise they would have been accused of initiating a vendetta. Even though the matter has been resolved reasonably, many ‘wise-head nosy know-alls’ in the media, continue to indulge in their habitual hair-splitting bantering, bluff and bamboozle, especially on the TV. What a pity!

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