Pushing Palestinians towards Intifada

BOLSTERED by new US President Donald Trump’s campaign vow to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Jewish state, Israeli authorities have approved permits for 566 new settler homes in East Jerusalem – the move that is not only against the larger will of international community but will further undermine the two-state solution of the decades long dispute.
Since 1967 War, Israel has incessantly been building a series of illegal settlements in East Jerusalem only to make it impossible to divide Jerusalem, in the future, into one Israeli and one Palestinian capital. Given the history and demographics of East Jerusalem populated by Arabs, the Palestinians rightly lay claim on the territory as its capital of future independent state. However, it is lamentable that Israel backed by the US is trampling all international rules and bent upon complete Israelisation of occupied territories including the West Bank, leaving no option with Palestinian people but to launch another Intifada to get their territories freed from clutches of Jewish state as like Israel, the Palestinians too have the discretion to protect their birth rights. A conference for peace in Middle East recently organised by France and attended by about seventy countries had warned against unilateral steps on Jerusalem and borders saying such an approach could threaten a negotiated solution to decades old conflict. Though the resolution has no binding effect yet it very much shows the collective will of world community on the Middle East conflict. Palestinians had welcomed the Paris Summit but Israeli decision to build more settlements amounts to undermining the very spirit of that resolution. If the new US President is really interested in restoring peace in the volatile Mideast region, he will have to use his influence on Israel and after getting stopped the illegal settlements, should encourage both the parties to enter into direct negotiations. Instead of taking sides, US should play the role of a neutral and honest broker between the two sides in order to reach a settlement that also honours the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

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