Punjab police revise security plan

Salim Ahmed


In context of recent wave of terrorism, Punjab Police has revised its security plan on directions of Inspector General of the Police Punjab, Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera, for check posts established at entry and exit points of the province. 348 police officers are deployed on border check posts of district Mianwali who will be on 24 hour duty on shift rotation basis.
In Mianwali, 6 riverine check posts, 5 border police check posts and 6 inter-district check posts have been upgraded. All of these check posts are equipped with I.T facilities and officials deployed are armed with latest weapons. Night vision cameras are installed for digital monitoring and uninterrupted internet supply is ensured. Movement of stolen, snatched and non-custom paid vehicles has been stopped through anti vehicle-lifting staff web system by checking data of each vehicle crossing through these check posts.
These check posts are connected to the country-wide data of proclaimed offenders and criminals. Checking of each citizen and vehicle passing through check posts is ensured through biometric as well as smart verification alert systems. Implementation of these measures has almost blocked the inter-provincial movement of stolen vehicles, arms, drugs, terrorists and criminals.

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