Punjab leads in HDI

ACCORDING to Pakistan National Human Index Report released by the UN Development Programme, Punjab is ahead of all the provinces in Human Development Index (HDI). The threshold used for this report categorises Pakistan a country with medium level of development. Punjab stands first securing 0.732 points followed by Sindh with 0.640, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 0.628 and Balochistan with 0.421 points on the HDI table.
Despite big claims by some provincial governments, the report once again clearly depicts as to which province is spending more on the human development. In the past also we have seen surveys such as that of PILDAT putting Punjab province ahead of all the federating units in terms of its governance. Then the latest report has also come from a UN agency that hardly anybody can dispute or reject as being biased or influenced. The report recognises the steps taken by provincial government in important sectors including health and education that directly affect life of the people. This also negates the impression created by PML (N) opponents that the party focuses more on the road infrastructure projects than spending on the humans. Indeed the basic infrastructure projects including metro bus and orange train like projects are also important to bring a meaningful change in the living standards of the people but the UN report clearly indicates that the province is also ahead of other provinces in terms of health and education facilities. Indeed the people in Punjab are witnessing a major change in their life style as a result of the projects executed in different spheres and that too with fast speed over the last ten years by Shahbaz Sharif led government. We understand that had this kind of work been carried out in other federating units also, Pakistan today would have been a totally different country. Anyway as the next elections are just few months away, we expect that the people will make the best choice and bring to power those who could realise the dream of a shining and rising Pakistan.

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