Punjab launches Feeder bus service

PUNJAB Government after implementing its landmark programmes for metro bus projects for people of Lahore, which is benefitting hundreds of thousands of people daily, has gone a step further to expand scope of the service so that this decent travel facility is enjoyed by maximum number of people.
Launching of ‘Punjab Speed’ Feeder Bus Service to link different areas of provincial metropolis with Metro Bus route by Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has widely been hailed by people of Lahore. In the first phase, 200 air-conditioned buses would link 14 routes with Metro Bus Service and according to initial estimates about one hundred and twenty thousand people would benefit from the project. An important aspect of the project is that these buses would have integrated e-ticketing system for both Lahore Metro Bus Service and Feeder Bus Service. For some people, it would be an ordinary thing but one should ask those from the poorer segments of the society who would now get an opportunity to travel in air-conditioned buses and enjoy comfortable and hassle free journey and that too at nominal cost. Such projects surely inculcate the sense of sharing to masses in national resources, otherwise considered to be specific for elite class. Punjab government’s plan of metro bus projects for major cities of the province have revolutionised the concept of travelling and has also helped ease traffic congestion in these urban centres. KP Government is also planning to have metro bus in Peshawar while Federal Government has already initiated a Metro Bus project for people of Karachi. We hope that Punjab Government would also launch feeder bus service in Rawalpindi-Islamabad and Multan so that maximum number of people could benefit from metro bus projects.

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