Punjab Govt to provide CT scan machines to all district hospitals

Shahbaz inaugurates Emergency Block of PIC

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Lahore—Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that government has made a plan to provide CT scan machines to the hospital of every district of the province and that will be operated by the companies that will provide these machines. The staff of the hospital will have no concern with these CT scan machines.
The Chief Ministeer expressed these views while addressing inaugural ceremony of modern emergency set up with the cooperation of friends of PIC at Punjab Institute of Cardiology on Sunday.
This step of Punjab government will eliminate heinous trade due to which patients have to suffer in the shape of closer or out of order of machines, provided with billions of rupees of the poor nation, he added.
He said that those sympathizing with the ailing humanity with hard-earned money are earning the blessings of Allah Almighty in this world and the world hereafter.
He said that the philanthropists have set excellent example of service to the people by setting latest emergency in Punjab Institute of Cardiology and this example will have to be forwarded in every sector.
He said today is a day of pleasure that latest emergency of the world comprising 100-bed has been inaugurated in PIC and soon 100 more beds will be added to it and there will be a total of 200 beds in the emergency. He congratulated those who provided resources for construction of emergency and put their share in this noble cause.
He said that the business community of the country has set an excellent example by establishing emergency equipped with modern facilities through their hard-earned money. He said that in 1980s, the then Governor Punjab Lt. Gen. (Retd) Ghulam Gillani Khan and Chief Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif took the responsibility of setting up of Punjab Institute of Cardiology in Lahore.
Due to day and night efforts of all, this hospital was set up, he added. He said that the then Chief Executive of the hospital Dr. Shehryar and doctors made it a state-of-the-art institute. Unfortunately, this institution did not make progress due to politics in the institution, he added.
Shahbaz Sharif said that modern angiography lab has also been set up in the emergency and such labs should be constructed throughout Pakistan. He said that Punjab government has provided MRI, CT Scan and Angeo-lab at a cost of Rs. 80 crore in PIC and now it is basic responsibility of hospital management to benefit the patients from the latest machinery.
He said that project of provision of CT scan machine in every district of the province is an excellent step of Punjab government and this programme will soon be completed. Shahbaz Sharif said that Punjab government will bear the expenses of tests of the patients and they will not have to go outside for tests and this work will be completed within next month.
He said that the patients will not face difficulties when these machines will become operational and result in facilitating the patients.
He said that medical facilities will be improved in the hospitals at all costs. Shahbaz Sharif said that Punjab government provides billions of rupees for the provision of free medicines to the patients and this money is of the poor nation and not property of anyone.
He said it is unjustified that elite, politicians, judges and officers have one kind of medicines but the poor of other kind.
This will not be allowed, he added. Shahbaz Sharif once again thanked those who took part in this noble cause of constructing latest emergency in Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

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