Punish your culprit yourself


Naveed Aman Khan
The PML-N has awarded tickets to at least 146 past loyalists of PLM-Q and PPP in 53 national and 93 provincial constituencies in Punjab alone at the expense of die hard supporters, who have stood on ground in the post-1999 party hunt carried out by Dictator Pervaiz Musharraff posse.
This list includes Lotaas (‘electables’) from all over Pakistan, who have either jumped the PML-N’s sinking ship after July 28,2017 and kept on switching the platforms for making their way to Parliament or will contest election as independent and join the next ruling party. These are those political octopuses, who even settled for slots in the local governments envisaged by the Musharraff regime for developing political constituency afresh. It includes the names of the PPP stakeholders at the electorate. Some have been part of the previous PPP Zardari-led Government 2008-2013. No matter who had changed loyalty at what point and reason, the PML-N hardcore surely has been shown the door. The list also includes those who were accommodated by the PML-N in 2008 as the original sin of joining a dictator can never be overlooked.
On the other hand Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ignoring its day one companions initially issued 148 out of 173 tickets to Lotaas in the covering name of electables. Only 25 out of 173 tickets were issued to PTI politicians.
Charter of Democracy was much balanced agreement between PPP and PMLN. It worked effectively for many years. It was a defensive line for PPP and PML-N. It was in fact character of mutual understanding and confidence. Ignoring its importance both the parties somehow started dishonouring this worthy character for short term petty political gains. This approach started widening political distance between PPP and PML-N. In 2014 PML-N single handedly decided to bring dictator Musharraff to court of justice and put itself in deep unending troubles. Reactionally, 126 days sit-in of patronized-PTI was seen. When PML-N government was in dark clouds, political parties especially PPP stood by MNS and rescued him. It was excellent gesture of political parties especially the PPP. After being rescued PML-N leadership should have been more thankful to PPP but MNS behaved otherwise and we observed smashed CoD. Making CoD non-functional was a very serious blunder.
Just a couple of days before the general election, MNS, Maryam Nawaz and Captain Safdar have been convicted. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has sentenced eleven years imprisonment to MNS, eight years to Maryam Nawaz and one year to Captain Safdar. Knowing that Mohtarma Kulsoom Nawaz is seriously sick and MNS and his family is in trouble Asif Bhutto Zardari is seen ridiculing MNS on the media saying that MNS will seek political asylum in England and not return to the country now.
The other day in Karachi we saw Lyari people stoning Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. It was clear message of the masses and involvement of unseen hands in the incident. Day before yesterday Zardari’s friend Hussain Lawai was arrested. After MNS and family now it’s Zardari and family and PPP turn. Charter of Democracy is torn off and burnt to ashes.
We have observed that since 2013 open cases against Dictator Pervaiz Musharraff have been ignored and new cases against MNS and his family have been opened. During last five years judicial system of Pakistan remained handicapped against Musharraff while post July 28, 2017 judicial coup very active against MNS and his family. This pace of justice is very slow. Only one case against MNS is finalised within one year. What about all other culprit’s including Musharraff. One selected case in a year means five hundred years are required for top five hundred culprits. It means the nation will have to wait for five hundred years to get rid of the culprits. Is this tempo and momentum acceptable for the nation to get rid of the culprits? Certainty not. Politicians, judiciary, NAB and Establishment can’t bring justice and positive change but the nation needs brisk justice and change in the country and society. Does it look impossible? No, it is not. It is very much possible if on July 25, 2018 {Election Day} the entire nation comes out and do not cast vote to all the Lotaas of all the political parties no matter who is who.
All the voters of Pakistan should reject corrupt and Lota politicians even if they are contesting the election independently. These Lotaas are the real culprits. These more or less five hundred corrupt Lota politicians keep on changing their parties for their malafide benefits before every election. These same politicians are always available to dictators and unseen powers. Secondly, voters shouldn’t cast vote on the basis of family and tribe. Voters should cast vote to all those political parties and individual politicians who have not betrayed country and the nation and have delivered significantly. All of such politicians are genuine electables and have the right to serve country and the nation ahead. Voters should cast their votes on the basis of performance and deliverance only. The entire nation can punish their culprits in a day i.e. July 25. A common Pakistani voter can do a lot by rejecting all the Lotaas of all the political parties. Voters think ten times before casting their votes and punish the culprits themselves in the hope of better future of the country and the nation.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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