PUC wants success of Raddul Fasad operation

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The country needs solidarity and unity not disintegration and division. For the security and solidarity of Pakistan, the political and religious leadership of the country should be united at one platform. Ulema playing their role for the success of operation Raddul Fasad. Those who are creating disintegration in the country and nation want to destroy the Islamic identity of the country.
The International Islamic Military Alliance would bring about eradication of terrorism from the Muslim countries. The role of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is very significant in controlling terrorism and foreign interference in the Islamic countries.
This was said by Sahibzadah Zahid Mehmood Qasmi, the central chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council and member of the Council of Islamic Ideology while addressing the Ulema Convention at Jamia Masjid AshraMubassharah in Islamabad. The Ulema and the religious forces have played their frontline role whether there is the problem of law and order, the issue of terrorism, operation Zarb-Azb or operation Raddul Fasad. Maulana Shah Nawaz Farooqi, the central secretary general of Pakistan Ulema Council, said that the custodians of the seminaries and Masajid have always supported the government and law enforcement agencies against terrorism.
This homeland has been achieved by our elders after millions of sacrifices. The Ulema and seminaries are the custodians of the ideological borders of the country.

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