PUC condemns terrorist attack in Kabul

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Pakistan Ulema Council vehemently condemned terrorist attack in Kabul. In a message released here, Pakistan Ulema Council leadership denounced Kabul blast stating that terrorists, attack against innocent people is very condemnable.
Terrorists are enemies of humanity and these elements should not be associated with any particular religion and region. In a joint statement, leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council, said that Islam and Muslims should not be associated with terrorism and extremism. Islamic concept of Jehad has nothing to do with terrorism and extremism.
Muslim Ulemas and religious scholars have always condemned every bid of terrorism and extremism. Elements responsible for making killings of innocent people are enemies of Islam and teachings of Islam.
The joint statement of Pakistan Ulema Council leadership also stated that Afghan leadership instead of hurling allegations on neighbouring countries should take responsibility to correct internal situation of Afghanistan.
Pakistan Ulema Council condemns every terrorist activity and termed killings of innocent people either it is in Manchester or Kabul against attack on humanity. Pakistan Ulema Council endorse formation of Islamic Ideological Coalition on pattern of Islamic Military Alliance to annihilate menace of terrorism and extremism from Muslim world.
To form this ideological alliance, Pakistan Ulema Council has been in coordination with leadership of Muslim Ummah to form this coalition, said joint statement of Pakistan Ulema Council.

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