Public transport fares reduced by 12pc

Muzaffar Ali

Lahore—About 12 percent reduction in fares has been announced after successful negotiations between Transport Minister Bilal Yasin and transporters on Tuesday as DCOs across the province have been directed to keep a strict check in this regard. As federal government has announced decrease in prices of petroleum products, transport owners were pressured to decrease transport fares as well in order to provide relief to the citizens.
As a result of successful negotiations between Transport Minister Bilal Yasin and transporters, 6.16 percent of reduction has been announced for the vehicles on diesel and 11.9 percent for those using petrol vehicles. All Pakistan Transport Owner Federation as well as owners of AC vehicles have collectively accepted government’s decision.
For effective results, Bilal Yasin has directed all the District Coordination Officers (DCOs) of Punjab to keep a strict check and balance on the fares. Earlier, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday directed the concerned authorities to ensure supply of POL products on new prices and reduction in fares of transport.
The Chief Minister said that once again noticeable decrease in petroleum prices by the government is a good omen which is a gift of the PML(N) government to the people. He urged that prices of essential commodities should also be decreased according to ratio of decrease in POL prices.
Meanwhile, the PML-N Traders Wing (Punjab) Senior Vice President Khawaja Khawar Khursheed on Tuesday said that lowered prices of petroleum products and CNG would ensure provision of great relief to the industry, agriculture and other sectors of economy. Talking to media, he said that Pakistan was the only country in the region that had been passing the benefit of decreased POL prices in the international market on to the common man. He stressed the need for reducing the ratio of excise duty and other taxes as well.
Khawaja said that PML-N government proved it-self people friendly by bringing down substantially the prices of fuels, the major component of everyone’s needs, adding that PML-N had always set aside personal interests in the decision making for the public welfare. Which would resolve the problem of gas shortage and it would help expedite the process of economic development in the country.

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