Public hospitals

During Ramadan I had the opportunity to visit the Kidney Centre Hospital in Hayatabad Peshawar. Unfortunately I found the hospital operating at low efficiency, with patients running around confused, while hospital staff was not available most of the time. There were two main reasons for this failure. Firstly the hospital did not have an Administrator, and instead very competent doctors were given the additional responsibility of running the hospital, while they also diagnosed and treated a very high number of patients. These doctors could not spend enough time inspecting the work of hospital staff.
Similarly the hospital charges and fees, even for private rooms and services, are very low and therefore unprofitable and unfeasible compared to private hospitals. I therefore would like to recommend to the DG Health and Secretary Health of KP that to improve the working of public hospitals in KP, they should hire hospital administrators for each section or floor or department. This will not only improve working of allied staff of hospitals, but it will also free up competent doctors to spend more time with patients. Similarly the Govt should increase the prices of various services in hospitals to bring it in-line with inflation. For example private room in Kidney Centre costs only 1000 Rs per night, while the facilities in room were very high and therefore hospital can charge much higher. This way hospital will become profitable and be able to provide better services in future.
Another important act should be the process of registering complaints against hospital staff by patients or caretakers and a dispute resolution section, which can fix fines or resolve such complaints. This is very important because in public hospitals the staff thinks that since they are Government servants, they are allowed not to do their duties. For example in the Kidney Centre, I observed that most nursing staff had brought their children to work and the nurses were seen taking care of their kids and ignoring the patients.

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