PTV vs other channels

Legend goes, there was a time when the country had one channel but it was so skilfully choreographed that it filled our appetite for everything. It took care of our entertainment with its masterpiece dramas and due attention was also given to news {national or international}. Does it not refer to their failure that amid a series of private channels one feels remorse for the lost lustre of PTV?
Taking absolutely nothing away, electronic media has been at forefront to advocate key issues of Pakistan. Therefore, the principal fault lies not in its routine of chattering about internal politics but rather not sparing a miniature of slot over discussion on external affairs. From 7:00 to 10:00 pm is our prime time. The programmes that are televised during this period are absolutely without balance. They follow a dull pattern.
Apart from print media, only headlines touch foreign news at its tail. Easily, it remains the most ignored topic on electronic media. Print media does spare some space to the subject but the vacuum is so deep that it amounts for putting ser into the camel’s mouth. In the time of PTV, a layman of Pakistan was more informed about the world than he is today. The only scientific reason I can relate to this conduct is that owners of TV Channels think purely from consumer’s perspective. They have the idea that market is not favourable to televise programmes on cross border politics and public, in general, is forthcoming towards local politics. They are missing the point here. Through this temporary profit-driven lens, owners cannot see that overdose of local politics will soon dehydrate the viewers and then they will require something else to charge themselves.
Mithi, Tharparkar

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