PTI’s pragmatic decision

THE PTI decision to end boycott of Parliament and attend sessions of the National Assembly and the Senate is a pragmatic move and should be welcomed by all. The PTI has decided to participate in the proceedings, and give tough time to the Government, a role which is in line with the mandate given to the party by the electorate as this is responsibility of the PTI as opposition party to speak for those who sent it to Parliament.
PTI might have its own reasons for boycotting proceedings of Parliament but the move sent wrong signals and there were also reports that even some of its own MPs were against the decision. In fact, the boycott inflicted harm on PTI as it opted not to attend the joint session as well which was addressed by President of one of our closest friends – Turkey. PTI members had also been participating in meetings of the standing committees of the two houses and the logic of not attending the sessions of two houses was not comprehendible. There is a dominant view that PTI was not playing its part well in Parliament, which is the right and proper forum to agitate things and take treasury benches to task. It has been observed that the PTI has not so far raised any issue of direct concern to the masses and instead highlights only politically motivated issues. This is once again evident from the decision of ending boycott as its leadership claims they are going back to Parliament to move adjournment and privilege motions against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. No one can object to moving of these motions as this is privilege of the party but there are other issues like falling exports, widening trade deficit, stagnant revenues, unemployment, rising crime rate, insecurity, police excesses, adulteration, spurious drugs, drug addiction, falling standards of education and foreign policy issues to agitate and discuss but these have never found any place in the priority list of any opposition party. We hope that the party would review its strategy and play its role as a genuine opposition and this assumes significance as PPP is also warming up to show its muscles as real opposition.

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