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PTI’s foundation day

IT was twenty three years ago, incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan had laid the foundation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) to challenge the status quo parties and in the 2018 general election, the youth of the country inspired by the charisma of Khan voted this third force into power whilst rejecting the parties which were ruling the country for so many years but failed to deliver.
Addressing a ceremony in connection with the Party’s Foundation Day on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan enumerated his long struggle in the politics. Despite all odds, the way Imran Khan waged a long and firm struggle with full sanguinity has no parallel in our country where dynastic politics has always reigned supreme. Since the party’s inception, many people joined and left Khan but credit goes to the captain for staying firm on his feet and to his slogan of bringing change to the life of the people. This foundation day for the PTI has come at a time when the Party is in power in the Centre and two provinces. Therefore it is time for the PTI leadership to do retrospection and steer the path that enables it achieve its election manifesto that especially focuses on bringing improvement in the social sector especially health and education. This is not going to be an easy sailing or task for the PTI as the country is currently faced with tough economic challenges whilst the people on the other hand have pinned great expectations with the Party to provide them immediate relief and address the chronic problems faced by the country. Failure to deliver on its promises is not an option for Imran Khan and his Party. On the cricket ground, we have seen Imran Khan leading from the front and clinching many a times victory out of difficult circumstances. And now as the head of the government, he is faced with dire economic situation with his political opponents taunting him for failing to deliver in the first eight to ten months in power. Indeed the mess of decades cannot be cleared in a matter of few months but the PM needs to come up with a message of hope and optimism that inculcates confidence both in the business community and the public at large. Drive against corruption must be left to the institutions established for the purpose while the PTI governments in the Centre and two provinces must only focus on undertaking projects that trigger economic activity in the country and bring improvement in the life of the people both in the rural and urban areas.