PTI workers protest in DGK

Kumail Hayder

dera ghazi khan—Many hundreds Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activists came from across district, staged protest demonstration at Traffic Chowk in city and suspended traffic on the road.
The PTI workers reached there on motorbikes, cars and other vehicles to follow the announced protest against the crackdown in Islamabad yesterday. During PTI’s protest, activists and supporters raised slogans against PML-N government and in favour of their leadership.
Addressing protest, PTI’s DG Khan Leaders Sardar Ahmad Ali Khan Dreshak, Akhwand Humayun Raza, Malik Mahboob Saqib and Dr. Shaheena Najeeb Khosa said that the use of force by the PML-N government against peaceful and innocent women and youths had exposed its autocratic and brutal face. The brazen baton-charge on women has refreshed the memory of the dictatorial rule. The movement of accountability cannot be stopped.

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