PTI wants CJP role in plight of Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has pleaded Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo-motu of the plight of Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia. According to the details issued by party’s Central Media Department, Central Deputy Secretary-General Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Murad Saeed has written to Chief Justice of Pakistan and briefed him in detail about the miseries of Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia and pleaded him to take suo-motu action in this regard.
More than one thousand Pakistani nationals languishing in prisons in Saudi Arabia, and urgently need legal help and assistance from their government to be able to properly defend themselves in the courts, he maintains adding that Pakistanis are also facing hardships in the renewal of their work permits in KSA. This has further intensified troubles for Pakistanis in seeking jobs, he wrote in the letter.
The government tries to distance from this matter terming it an issue between the employees and the employer, said Murad Saeed. He further said that the Indian government has furnished Labor Protection Agreement with the Saudi government. Unfortunately, Murad Saeed lamented, Pakistani government turned a deaf ear to these problems, and more heart wrenching was the government’s reluctance to provide legal assistance to those stranded Pakistanis.
Criticizing the government, Murad Saeed stated that despite raising the matter time and again in the parliament, government turned a blind eye to the matter and more appalling is the fact that the foreign office doesn’t even know the exact figure of Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia.
Murad Saeed said that the Saudi authorities have placed a large number of Pakistanis against several allegations in ‘most wanted list’ as per their Exit Control System. These Pakistanis, he went on to add, are unable to return to their homeland.
He maintained that Supreme Court is entrusted with the authority to interfere if the government fails to deliver its delegated tasks under Article 184/3 of the constitution. Therefore, he said, ‘PTI pleads to the CJP to take notice of the matter, thereby considering the letter as a constitutional petition and direct the government and concerned institutions to submit the details of the measures taken in this regard’.—NNI

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