PTI to reduce taxes, broaden tax net: Imran

Salim Ahmed


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Thursday said the PTI after coming into power will lower the taxes in a bid to bring maximum number of people into the tax net.While addressing a gathering of traders in Lahore, Khan said, “PTI will evolve a policy in consultation with the traders. Our government will lower the taxes so that maximum people can enter into the tax net. The problem of Pakistan is unemployment. In the past years, minimum investment has been witnessed. US ‘s economy went up after Trump lowered the taxes.”
Khan said, “Our farmer cannot compete with the farmers in India. The economy cannot progress unless and until the traders are provided the chance of investment.” Lamenting the current state of the country’s economy, he said particular focus would be made on the farming industry to lift the poor out of the vicious circle of poverty. Criticising the PML-N government for weakening the economy, he said, “So far I came to hear that the PML-N has an experienced team and will improve the condition of the economy.”
He added: “During the last month, depreciation of Pak rupee added to debt burden. People’s deposits value in banks fell by 20%. Economy, manufacturing and the institutions have been destroyed. Earlier, it happened in Zardari’s era and now the PML-N has further weakened the economy. Downfall of every institution in the country entailed feeble economy.”
Lambasting the past rulers, he blamed their incompetence for the plunge in the value of the Pakistani rupee. “Development becomes possible only through [good] governance. These [corrupt] rulers have left the country deep in debt. But they are not worried, because their wealth lies abroad,” he said.
Acknowledging the role of the traders’ community in national development, Khan said traders helped him a lot at the time when he was collecting money to built Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. He assured to take on board representatives from the business and traders community for policy-making if his party is voted to power in the upcoming elections. Khan said the leader who lives abroad cannot understand the suffering of masses. He said,

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