PTI to focus on tourism

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Imran Khan has vowed to develop four tourist spots every year if voted to power in general election 2018. Addressing a public gathering in Galyat, he said KP government changed destiny of people living in the scenic areas and PTI government would focus on tourism promotion and development.
There is no denying the fact that Pakistan has great tourist potential as it is bestowed with many of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges and attractions that could attract both domestic and foreign tourists in great numbers. Tourism helps the economy in many ways — earning valuable foreign exchange, giving impetus to the services sector that then has a spill over effect on many other sectors of the economy. Due to increasing global incomes, a reducing disparity between global North and South and digitalisation of the economies, tourism spending globally is ever increasing. Not to speak of foreign tourists, there can be increased economic activity in many areas due to domestic tourism as people with spare income prefer spending weekends and vacations in summer resorts, hill stations and other places of interests. This is borne out by the rush one witnesses in Murree and Galyat during holidays.
It is, however, most unfortunate that we have not been able to develop these areas on scientific lines by preserving the natural beauty of forests and serene surroundings rather in most cases the development work led to colossal loss of forest cover and green areas. There are no proper or quality facilities and at times tourists are left to the mercy of circumstances. It is time to activate tourism development corporations that we already have and take measures to ensure foolproof security at tourist destinations.

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