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PTI to complete five-year tenure: Ch. Sarwar

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that we are not afraid of the threats of agitation by the opposition, as countrymen are with us and by blessing of Allah Almighty, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will complete its five years tenure.
The Governor Punjab was addressing the members of assembly, ticket holders and workers of PTI hailing from six districts of Gujranwala division at iftaar dinner organized by him in their honour. He talked on various issues of public importance with Federal Minister for Civil Aviation Ghulaam Sarwar Khan, Provincial Minister Mehar Aslam Bharwana and the students of different universities.
Ch. Sarwar said that the only purpose of opposition’s threats to agitate is to delay the process of accountability and to save them. I assure that the process of accountability will not stop, even for a while and all corrupt politicians will be taken to task, as corruption is the greatest disease which Pakistan is suffering from, he added.
He said, “People who want to earn money should go into business rather than entering into politics, people who are appointed without merit serve their masters rather than their nation. It’s never too late to mend, the time has come when every decision would be taken according to the prescribed rules and procedures under the light of constitutionally assigned mandate. It will be made sure that the key appointments in universities are done on merit and political interference in university campuses is strictly avoided.”
Ch. Sarwar said that Pakistan is facing huge challenges i.e. elevated inflation, unemployment, hindered growth, people’s lack of access to basic facilities such as health, education and shelter etc. But the whole nation knows it for sure that Pakistan has reached up to this point by the previous government because of their corruption, inefficiency and bad governance and the present government is struggling hard to put this country back on track, he added.
The Governor Punjab said that the only purpose of opposition’s call to agitate against the government is to derail the process of accountability. Prime Minister Imran Khan is determined to put an end to corruption in this country once and for all and the process of accountability will keep going unchecked. He further said that in West and developed democracies, only those people come in politics who have a dire passion to serve humanity, they do not come for loot and plunder.
However, he said that Ministers and government officials are burning their mid night oil to put this country on track which is why the confidence of people in government and state institutions is being enhanced with the each passing day. We must have to translate the vision of Quaid and Iqbal into reality collectively.—INP