PTI should review its strategy

THE decision of the Prime Minister to take three important steps as part of the strategy to respond to the challenge thrown by naked threat from across the eastern border, included a consultative session with the Parliamentary and political leadership, convening of the National Security Committee meeting and summoning of the joint session of Parliament. Coming up to the expectations of the people, political leaders and the NSC came out with firm resolve to defend the motherland at all costs and continue to provide support to the legitimate struggle of Kashmiri people.
It was encouraging to see that the entire leadership stood on one page as far as the prevailing environment and the need to formulate an effective and robust response is concerned. However, strangely enough, PTI has decided not to attend the joint session of the Parliament despite the fact that it was also aimed at discussing threadbare the security environment and different aspects of the Kashmir dispute with a view to giving input to policy and decision makers in the best national interest. By doing so, PTI has given precedence to politicking over core national interests and that too at a time when there was dire need to convey a strong message of unity of the nation and its complete solidarity with our Kashmiri brethren. It is all the more regrettable that the PTI leader has tried to cast doubts over Kashmir situation and the policy of the country by making childish remarks that Kashmir issue is being highlighted to divert attention from Panama Leaks. Imran Khan is leader of a party and he must be well aware that nowhere in the world Panama Papers are being agitated as in Pakistan, which makes it clear that objective is to keep the political pot boiling at whatever cost. As for his reference that Kashmir situation has been created to divert attention, it could help the enemies of Pakistan and may be counter-productive for the Kashmir cause. He cannot take credit for PTI attending the Parliamentary party leaders’ moot on Kashmir as he did favour to none and instead went for down-graded representation of the party at the crucial forum. PTI’s decision to boycott joint session lacks wisdom as the party is there both in the National Assembly and the Senate and it should not belittle importance of this platform. PTI ought to review its strategy as its present approach is raising questions about its credentials and goals.

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