‘PTI police reforms against constitution’


The leaders of mainstream political parties here Thursday said police reforms introduced by PTI government would make Khyber Pakthunkhwa into a police state and declared it against spirit of constitution and provincial autonomy granted to the provinces under landmark 18th Constitutional Amendment.
They said KP Police Bill 2016 was violation of the Constitution and Provincial Autonomy that was granted to the provinces under the landmark 18th constitutional amendment following a lot of struggle and sacrifices by the democratic forces and termed it an attempt to make KP into a police state.
Rahimdad Khan, Veteran Politician and former President PPP KP told APP that the PTI government under the bill had given unlimited powers to a police officer that may be counterproductive in future.
He said Chief Minister was the Chief Executive of the province who is responsible to run the administration and government’s affairs and maintaining law and order situation through police and other organs of the government.
Following the 18th constitutional amendment, he said, the powers were transferred to the provinces but interestingly the PTI in the said bill had transferred powers to IGP, which had raised serious question on the ability of PTI Government to maintain law and order situation in Khyber Pakthunkhwa.
“With adaptation of the Police Bill 2016, now a police officer posted by the Centre would enjoy unlimited powers instead of the Chief Executive of the province to maintain law and order,” he said, adding check and balance was imperative for smooth running of the affairs of the Government and unlimited powers with an individual may counterproductive.
Referring to the new amendments made in Khyber Pakthunkhwa Ehtesab Commission (KPEC) Act 2014, the PPP leader said it had totally negated PTI claims of eradication of corruption and across the board accountability in the province, adding the new amendments would make the commission toothless besides encouraging corruption in KP.—APP

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