PTI-PAT election alliance

THOUGH no fuller details are available but both PTI and PAT have announced to form an election alliance. Talking to media after their meeting in Lahore, leaders of the two parties Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri also arrived at an understanding on the forthcoming bye-election in NA-120 where PAT will support the PTI candidate.
As general election draws nearer, there would be many attempts at formation of new alliances as no party alone is in a position to get clear-cut verdict of the people in the prevailing circumstances. Joining of hands by PTI and PAT would surprise none as the two have been cooperating in moves against the PML (N) government but they are unlikely to make any significant impact on the overall political scenario especially in Punjab. Apparently PML (N) has an edge in Punjab but there are also apprehensions that efforts would be made to undermine its strength and unity through different political tactics. There are also indications of machinations aimed at pushing some winnables towards PTI from ranks of other political parties and so far the biggest victim of change of loyalties has been the PPP. It is also time for PML (N) to initiate dialogue with other parties for electoral alliances and put its own house in order. It is, however, quite obvious that no alliance or support could turn tables in the bye-election in Lahore where PML (N) would get votes on the basis of its performance.

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