PTI-PAT alliance for Nov 02

PAT Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has agreed to lend full support to PTI plans to lay a siege to the Federal Capital on November 02. In a telephone talk between the two leaders an understanding has been reached on the issue but knowledgeable sources say details were worked out earlier and everything is being made public gradually with a view to keep the Government guessing.
PTI chief Imran Khan is inviting all political parties to join his campaign but it is not a coincident that only those forces are coming together that made an attempt to disgrace the elected government in 2014 — PTI, PAT, Q-League and Awami League, confirming the familiar pattern and action replay of sit-ins of 2014 when these parties incited violence and caused destruction to state property. Television coverage at that time confirmed that workers of these parties were involved in attacks on Parliament and PTV Headquarters. Now, Imran Khan has declared his intention to lockdown the capital, which exposes his party’s hollow claims about its democratic credentials. One wonders for how long this vicious cycle of destabilisation would continue causing not only enormous economic loss to the country but also causing ridicule to country in the comity of nations and that too at a time when each and every citizen should have contributed towards national unity. It is quite obvious that we do not need foreign hand to harm Pakistan; there are enough within the country to fulfil agenda of the enemy.

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