PTI MPA misbehaves

It was really shocking to see the PTI MPA Imran Ali Shah thrashing a Karachi citizen, encouraged by the presence of his bodyguards who would have joined in the beating if the poor man tried to retaliate. So, earlier on, this was Shahbaz Sharif who mocked Karachiites by saying “Pan khane waloon kay Karanchi ko Lahore Bana doon Ga”. And now, this is PTI Lawmaker Imran Ali Shah leaving Shahbaz Sharif miles behind. The poor man has been humiliated in the extreme, and in full media glare, with his family members, and other Pakistanis – and also television viewers abroad – all watching it.
And on top of insult and humiliation; there was injury as well. And in his defence, Imran Shah conjured up a very unconvincing story which fooled nobody. In any case, he had no business taking the law in his own hand. PTI, of course, expressed strong displeasure. And because of that, Imran Shah went to the person’s house and apologized, and even had a photograph with him. However, looking at his victim, one is left in no doubt that fearing revenge action from Imran Shah, he felt he had no ‘choice’ but to forgive him.
I think PTI, which is just establishing itself in Karachi, must take exemplary action against Imran Shah in order to save party reputation and to convince Karachiites of sincerity. And apart from whatever action the police takes, I strongly feel that PTI must order Imran Shah to pay at least rupees one million to the victim as compensation. Moreover, such a fine would also work as a deterrent, and convince the likes of Imran Shah that there would be serious consequences for such behaviour.

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