PTI may review its strategy

PTI’s decision to boycott joint session of Parliament, to be addressed by leader of our great friend and dear brother Turkey, has widely been resented by almost all segments of the Pakistani society including some within the PTI itself. There are popular demands that the party should review its strategy because of its negative implications not only for the country but also for PTI.
There are only few countries in the world on which Pakistan can rely and depend in all circumstances and Turkey is one of them. Its people and leadership always demonstrated unparalleled love, affection and sympathy for Pakistan and rendered wholehearted support to the country especially during crises and periods of trial and tribulation. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed Pakistan Parliament twice in the past and won hearts of people by his sincere sentiments for people and State of Pakistan. His remarks were not confined to mere verbal announcements but he ensured practical cooperation with Pakistan and that in areas that needed urgent attention from Pakistani perspective. It was in this backdrop that Pakistanis are criticising PTI decision, as it would send a wrong signal to a very close friend. It is also against traditions of our society where guests are treated with utmost dignity and respect. PTI might have reservations against PM Nawaz Sharif but these are internal issues and must not be stretched beyond a certain limit. Earlier, PTI behaved irresponsibly by taking the issue of CPEC to Peshawar High Court prompting expression of concern by our all-weather friend China. We hope the party leadership would not press the issue unnecessarily and attend the joint session for its own sake and that of Pakistan’s relations with Turkey.

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