PTI home for political nomads, corrupt govt servants: Saeed Ghani



Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator, Saeed Ghani has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is a home for political nomads and corrupt former government servants. Reacting to the false accusations against Asif Ali Zardari levelled by PTI chief Imran Khan, Senator Ghani asked Imran to inquire from his lieutenants like Asad Umar and Jahangir Tareen about corruption of their elders. Why their fathers were dismissed from government service. The PPP Senator said that Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif are two sides of the same coin and both were nurtured under the umbrella of establishment. Imran Khan is master of double talk as on one hand he says that corrupts should be in prison and on the other visits a corrupt to the core character Irfan Marwat. Imran cannot hoodwink people of Pakistan as people know the real faces of all these corrupt elements of country. Why Imran Khan’s father Ikramullah Niazi, Jahangir Tareen’s father Allah Nawaz Tareen and Asad Umar’s father General Umar were dismissed from their government jobs, Senator Saeed Ghani asked.
Member National Assembly Talal Chaudhry has said that Imran Khan should not feel jealous over progress of Pakistan which will further prosper under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Talking to media here on Monday, Talal Chaudhry said that PML-N believes in the supremacy of the law and constitution. He expressed the confidence that they will get justice and move forward victorious. ‘Those trying to destabilize the country and thinking to come into power in any way must know that there is one more court which is of 200 million people and they would have to be accountable before them,’ Talal added. He said that Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is trying to protect its lost status by lodging various complaints.
‘We hope justice would be made with us by removing our reservations about leaked photo of Hussain Nawaz, tale of what’s app, forcing witnesses to change their statements and taping phone calls,’ he added. Talal said that some people consider themselves above the law but they should keep in mind that there are moral values and constitution to follow. He said that Imran Khan wants to dictate media and listen the words of his own choice which is not acceptable in media free society.
MNA Daniyal Aziz also hoped that PML-N’s reservationswill be properly addressed, adding he said Attorney General has stated before the court that there is no hurdle for JIT to complete its assigned task and replies from NAB and FBR have been also submitted. He said that JIT has been also asked to do its work with care while NAB Officer has been served notice in light of court decision.
He said that Imran Khan has failed to provide money trail and his lawyer also admitted before the court that it was omission not to mention Niazi Services Ltd. He hoped that justicewould be made with them as they only seek it.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Danyal Aziz has Monday rejected the allegations that have been levelled against him regarding the contempt of court. Expressing his views in a media talk outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the PML-N leader once again bashed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, and said he is a symbol of adversity. He said PML-N leaders have presented themselves for accountability but the PTI chairman is trying to escape from it. Daniyal Aziz said his party has always respected the institutions but Imran Khan is ridiculing them. Founding member of PTI Akbar S Babar said PTI chairman has failed to submit replies in any of the cases before the Election Commission. He said Imran Khan, the so-called flag bearer of justice, is trampling upon the requirements of justice.—NNI

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