PTI to face defeat in next coming elections: Muqam


PESHAWAR :Advisor to Prime Minister and Provincial President PML-N, Eng. Ameer Muqam said that those who have surrendered before dengue would be defeated by lion in next coming elections.Addressing public gatherings in various areas of Shangla, he said that provincial government has failed to control dengue outbreak and only misleading people by spreading wrong information that the infections would be eliminated in three months. He said that party who was voted in power by people has achieved nothing tangible and failed to address basic problems of people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that Imran and his aides would face defeat in coming elections.On the occasion, people announced joining of PML-N and reposed confidence on leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Ameer Muqam. PM advisor also inaugurated road and Ganshal Bridge in Olandar and announced new schemes for Dherai, Kozkana and Olander.

Originally published by APP

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