PTI dissidents criticise KP govt

Peshawar—The three years performance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government in Pakhtunkhwa is not worth mentioning rather below average and if the same trend continued in next two years, then PTI would not be able to find suitable candidates for party tickets to contest the 2018 general election.
PTI dissident MPA Javed Nasim on Friday said, ‘The PTI’s survival in political field is solely linked with elimination of corruption and bringing improvement in the service delivery in social sectors as enshrined in the party’s manifesto.’In an exclusive interview with APP, the PTI rebel and founder leader reviewing the three years performance of the PTI in KP said it failed to deliver in most of the sectors. Even did not make any progress in its prime objective of eliminating corruption for which the party was voted to power, he said.
‘We faced difficult situation at the hands of our electorates when they ask about the rampant corruption in the society with no immediate respite insight,’ he explained. ‘No suitable candidates will apply for PTI tickets in next general elections if PTI Government failed to eradicate corruption, bringing marked improvement in service delivery including health, education, police, revenue and LG sectors and fulfill its party election manifesto,’—APP

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